How to find new friends when you are older

I visited a wedding from friends this weekend. It was so wonderful and full of love and joy and we all celebrated until sunset. There were a couple friendly and open women that I met and had long conversations with. After a while I thought: As older as I get, it becomes harder for to … How to find new friends when you are older weiterlesen

Exploring Budapest in 2 days!

The capital of Hungary is a nice alternative to all the other touristic city. My friend Kiki and I were very positively surprised to see all the incredible monuments and buildings of Budapest. The city is called the`Paris of Eastern Europe` for a reason.   1,7 mio Inhabitants Capital of hungary Currency: Hungarian Forint Airport: … Exploring Budapest in 2 days! weiterlesen

4 signs of a toxic friendship

Who wants to know how to spot a frenemy or a fake friend? In this article I share my thoughts on this important topic because every single one of us deserves a good friend!