How to REVIVE your life!

Already half of 2020 is gone and it was not easy. We all know that. The good thing is, that it is never too late, to make the best of it and to change areas in your life that doesn’t make you happy anymore. Change things where change is needed.

Today, I want to give you some ideas, what kind of changes will maybe help you to revive your current life.


To live, is the rarest thing in the world.

1.Reach out to people

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If you red some of my articles, you know that I highly recommend to cut ties with people who bring down your spirit. In the last couple years, I focused on creating an environment, where I feel comfortable and happy. Not always is the case that somebody hurt you or had been toxic. Sometimes YOU are the one that destroyed the relationship and you just didn’t cared or maybe you felt ashamed at the time and just left it like that.

I reached out to many of old school friends back in the day via Instagram. 95% of the people I reached out to, responded and where very surprised and happy to see me again after 10 or 15 years. I reached out, because I felt bad that I suddenly moved away without saying goodbye properly. When I was a child, I had many problems with farewell. What I did instead, is just leave, change my number and never looked back. now, that I am older, I know that this is not the nicest way to part ways, I tried to make up for it. With some of the young women I am still in contact, with others not as close as before. We just follow each other on Social media and comment and like from time to time.

The beautiful thing about reaching out to people is that, at the end of the day, you won’t have any regrets, because you at least tried to revive the friendship, even if many years passed.

2. Discover new perspectives

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This is a very hard but effective one. We as humans, don’t like to listen or accept different believes systems, because a challenge can endanger our identity. But our identity is the most valued thing we have, so we will protect it with all our power. The problem is, that we are almost 8 billion people in this world and every single person has his own belief and identity. The least we can do is to listen to what other people are saying. It can be an eye opening experience, because it will challenge you and most of the time you will learn something new and you can add that to your own truth. Nobody is saying that we have to accept other opinions, but we should respect them and act with love and not ignorance.

3.Change your wardrobe

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This is really fun for me, because I am in the middle of transitioning from a youngish wardrobe to a more feminine one. Now, that I turned 27 in May, I had the urge to change up my whole style. I wanted to wear more feminine and take more effort in nice shoes and more flattering hair styles. Not that I did it already😜 But in everything, there is always space for improvement. I made a budget for myself, not to spend more than 100 Euro per month on new clothes. I try to sell old clothes on Ebay or donate them to a local second hand shop. Sustainability is very important for me otherwise my conscience will be mad at me (and the environment to).

  • flattering to your figure
  • are good to combine
  • good quality
  • long living

With new clothes, you will feel like a new person!

4. Plan schedules for little things

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My procrastinations are much better, then before. In my previous post, I told you that my dog helped me to get things done. But what helped me as well, is the scheduling of small things the night before for the next day. Even if you don’t have something urgent to do the next day, a planned out day, will give you structure and the feeling that you did a great job at the end of the day. My scheduled plan looked like this:

Sunday, 5th of July 2020SCHEDULE PLAN
At what timeWhat to do
8 amBreakfast, bread, avocado, egg
before 12watch 3 videos for editing youtube Videos
1 pmlunch, eat my lasagna
14-15 pmwrite blog post
after that3 Youtube Video ideas
before 5pmgym
after gymshower and selfcare body routine
about 8:30 pmcook dinner: Bulgur, chicken, veggies
This is a quick and easy example how you can schedule your day.

As you can see, it is not about managing every minute of your day. I wouldn’t recommend it, because it only leads to stress and if you fail to complete some tasks, you will feel bad about yourself. But we want to create the opposite, and that is why you should have at least some kind of structure planned out. I avoid to be too specific with time stamps, because I don’t like feeling pressured of doing something on a specific time period. The goal is, to complete as everything or at least 90% of the task and the rest 10% on the next day.

5. Create something new

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I installed a rail by myself for the first time! It took me 3 hours, and it is lopsided, but you can’t imagine how satisfied and happy I was with myself. For every tiny thing in my apartment, I called someone to fix or to build it. Looking back, it is more than ridiciolous how much money I have spent for these things. I was even scared to hang a picture on the wall!😅 But I said to myself, that I want to be as independent as possible and that means that I have to research and buy many tools to build things by my own. I am a creative person and I started spending hours on pinterest. Suddenly I feld invincible and powerful. Finally, I could remodel my ugly bedroom. Finally, I can order beautiful posters and suitable frames for them, without being scared, that I have to let in some random dude in my home to help me put everything together. Learning new things can be overwhelming and so scarryyy. But at the end of the day, you will become super proud of yourself and you added a new skill to your personal portfolio!

I hope that you have found my article helpful. Please subscribe and like my post. That will help me alot!

💕Much love and blessings,


My video to this topic is now online on Youtube!

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