How having a DOG helped me GROW

Outside of a dog, a book is a humans best friend

A dream of mine came trough, when I decided to get a dog. I knew the amount of responsibility and I wanted to feel unconditional love from an animal again. I had one rabbit, when I was a child but we ended up giving all 22 of them away (yes, you read it right😅), because it was too much work for my mum. Now I have AJ for seven months and he is just a bundle of joy. I learned alot about myself in this time.

1. The love is being reciprocated

In trains he is calm and collected. He is always that way

This is my favourite part of having a dog. The amount of joy and love your pet has for you is incredible intense. I never understood why some people spoiled their dog so much with materials things. I remember watching interviews with people who passed on a fortune of their money to their dog. Don’t get me started with all the videos online, where people were interviewed because their dog has their own closet with very expensive clothes from big brands like Louis Vuitton or Prada. But I do get it now. Like with your partner, friends or a family member you really like, you want to do good things for them. You just want to make them happy. Studies have shown that people who give, are more happy than people who just take take take. And for me, the love and the loyalty the dog is giving, is really fulfilling and I love to give so much love back.

2. You will become more patient

The first weeks were sooo hard. The world was too scary for him. Understandable.

The end of the year was very stressful for me. I had so much on my mind and I noticed that I became very short tempered and so it happened that I snapped at people for little things. Because I got AJ when he was only 8 weeks old, I had to train him from the start. The amount of things he destroyed and urinated on, is ridiculous…but you can’t do anything else, then to be patient and tell him again, that it is not okay to take my Highheel and use it as a toothpick. Dogs are super smart and they know when you are scared, happy, sad or unsure of a situation. So it happened sometimes that he could smell that I was unsure how to give him a clear direction and then he took my belongings again. Then I got angry and the whole cycle repeated itself. After a while, I became more confident with him and with my abilities and then: he respected what I said and we both were happy.

3. Productivity at it’s finest!

Talking about discipline:

I would categorize myself as a disciplined and goal oriented person. But of course, there are times, where I want to be lazy and just watch some shows online. Sometimes, I even write my productivity list and only complete 2 things out of 10. What is really interesting, is that, when you have a dog, you have to follow a tight schedule because he is a living creature. I can’t just say ‚I will fead him tomorrow, today I want to go out.‘ I have to take him out, at least 3 times a day and of course when he has to do his business, the amount of walkings increases. That all led to a much higher level of productivity for me, because I am kinda dressed up everyday, the psychological barrier that was there before is gone and I say to myself: ‚Because I am already dressed, I will go to the super market today and buy the groceries for the whole week.‘ Every task that involves the outside world, is much easier to handle and even makes more fun. The same thing with tasks at home. I often use the time when he is sleeping, to continue reading my book or do some work on my laptop. Having an animal with a schedule, can really benefit your own work ethic!

4. You will become more social

I was never being approached by so many random people on the street, like now with the dog. It became absolutely ridiculous. Because of his race, his very unique and beautiful appearance in black and white and because he loves humans, he managed to build a whole fanbase in my neighborhood. Dogs and cats are the most favourite pets in Germany and I am sure world wide too. This fact and the fact that I am a young black female, makes people very curious, I guess and I don’t mind to educate them about my experience with a dog. People of colour have dogs too🙄 I talked with dozens of people, from the very old grandma to the young interested kid in the park. They often say how beautiful and cute he is and that he grew so much, because many of them have known him since he was a little puppy. Other questions are about his age, insurence, race and behaviour. I learned so much too, because many dog mums and dads in the neighboorhood, had their dog for many many years and I am always open for good tips and tricks.

When you are a shy person, suffer from depression or anxiety, a dog can help to better your mind and become more social. Because you have to talk to people and having a dog will produce many endorphins.

5.You learn to forgive

Always  taking some shoes to chew on
Always on the run with some shoes in his mouth

One of the best things of having him, is also the fact, that I learned to forgive and forget much easier. Holding a grudge and being angry at something or someone for a long time is an absolute waste of time and even when you are very angry at your dog, it is almost impossible to stay angry for a long period of time. This trait transferred on my behaviour towards other people. One day, a friend provoked me with a weired question, but instead of being angry, I just told her that it wasn’t okay to ask me that, I was annoyed for a short time, but I left it at that, because she understood and apologized. Your dog is growing and learning, you will have to become very patient and learn to let it go! (Elsas singing voice)

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My dog fell into the water and didn‘t really knew how to get out of there😆

❤️Much love and hugs❤️


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