Helpful productivity tips for 2020

Intensive Productivity will not only help you become successful in your job, but it can open more opportunities and help you reaching financial independence.

Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” Kafka.

In November 2019, I thought how I could improve my day to day life, without getting more stressed and sad. I didn’t wanted to admit that I sometimes wasted precious time by watching many unnecessary videos in the internet. I needed drastic changes and came up with a master strategy plan.

The Youtube Video for today’s blog post with ENGLISH subtitles!

1. Sign up for a group class

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This tip is somehow unusual, but it helped me in a massive way in achieving some important goals of mine! I am a really competitive person (in a easy, good way tho ) and I am really reliable. Two traits of mine that I used as an advantage in this specific case. I wanted to learn korean for many years now, but I was always too lazy to put in the right amount of effort to it. So I signed up for a korean group course and it is one of the best things I decided to do. Not only am I pushed to do my homeworks and progress in my speaking, writing, listening and reading skills, no- the fact that there are younger people, that are learning really fast (well, many of them were already self studying) motivated me to do my best everyday. I don’t want to be embarrassed by not being able to answer the teachers questions.

2.Set a timer

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I talked before about this tip in a previous post, but it is just sooo simple and effective. Before you start your task, you set yourself a timer. During this time you silence your mobile devices and put away everything that is constantly distracting. When you work on your laptop, mute it. There are special applications for your computers that hinder you to open certain websites during a specific time.You will see, that it will become easy to start and finish a task, if you set a timer. Sometimes we have to trick ourselves to do something in order to reach our goals. When the time is up, you will be very proud of yourself.


Many rich and successful people outsource tasks, in order to have more time for high value things.

Time is money. With that beeing said, why don’t you try to outsource things that take alot of time for you? For example, I started outsourcing the whole apartment cleaning process in order to become more productive this year. Once a week a person cleans up my apartment, because it can take hours to do that by my own and I have a little dog, that isn’t yet perfectly house-trained. The cleaning lady helps me alot and I can take care of my online work and other stuff.

4.Use a visual calendar

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A big planner on your wall, can help you to order your appointments and plan a head. Noticing important things on your phone is very practical too, but you can’t see all your appointments at once and that can cause the problem to forget something. There are many cute calendars you can buy in a store or you can create one yourself. When you write down every important things you have to do during the week, you will be more organized and structured.

5.What are your productive hours?

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The key to success, is to know who you are. It doesn’t matter if you see your neighbor going to the gym at 5 am in the morning and you want to do the same thing. Unfortunately you are another person and your body is just able to go to the gym in the evening. Listen to yourself and take it as an advantage that you know what you can do and can’t do yet. I am really productive in the morning. You will already see me outside buying groceries, running errands, go to the gym and study between 8 am and 11 am. It is super practical, because during this time my motivation is super high and after finishing all my most important tasks that early, my afternoons are normally free for meeting friends.

6.Explore Music

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I wish I had discovered this tip waaaay sooner! can’t imagine my life without good music. It makes me very happy and I love to sing to my favourite jams as well. I love writing my blog or writing on scripts for my youtube channel-but- It can be for sure a pain in the a** sometimes. It takes hours and often times I find myself distracted with all kinds of stuff. But since I was searching for good concentration music on my music streaming service, everything goes way easier and it makes so much more fun to write long texts. Extra Tip: Especially in public spaces like cafes and libraries, it can be kind of noisy. Just put your headphones in and turn up the concentration playlist and you are good to go!

7.Make space

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Of course, there are people that can study with many things flying around a the desk is so full that there is only a little space left for a cup of coffee. But for many of us, a cluttered desk can lead to stress and lots of distraction. Try to have only the most important things like a pen, notebook and laptop on your table. I bought purposely a smaller desk in order to force myself to have only a few things on it. Funny, because when my table was much larger- it became much packed.

8. Reward yourself

A delicious meal after hours of intense concentration, can be really satisfying.
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I like this part a lot, because it teaches me discipline and patience. We are living in a world, where instant gratification is very normal. Unfortunately that is the reason that we lose the ability to wait for the immediately dopamine hit. But when you combine this tip and my tip Nr.2 by setting a timer, being productive will make a lot of fun, instead of being something you want to postpone. And it shouldn’t be big things. You can reward yourself with little things like a cup of tea or a healthy snack.

What are your productivity goals this year? Do you have other good tips for more productivity? Let me know in the comment section below. Make sure that you are subscribed to my blog!

Much love,


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