How to date during Quarantine

Well, well. Dating is hard when everything is normal. So you can imagine how hard it is now, during a time where everybody needs to stay at home. But thankfully, we live in a time, where many things are available in a digital format. Dating Websites and Apps like Tinder, Lovoo, Bumble, OKcupid and Badoo are booming! I think, we should take the opportunity to make the best of the situation and continue to find our potential new partner 😊

I want to encourage you to try something else and don’t give up during this time. It can take many weeks or month, until everything will be much better again.

1. Use more Videochats

This can help for the first impression

When I am dating a guy, I want to meet him immediately, because the personal connection can be totally different than the connection via text messages. I experienced it so often, that I talked for many weeks and after talking, I finally met him and in real life he was a complete jerk. I was shooked😯Of course I am very careful and I only meet a person in public places and during the broad daylight.

Because of social distancing, the personal Face to Face meeting can‘t be fullfilled, but I suggest to quickly switch to a Video Chat to have a first impression. The good thing about it, is that you can get a glimse of his apartment, personal environment e.g and of course the obvious ones: You hear his/her voice, real face, Behaviour.

2. Place an ad

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Have you ever placed an ad in a newspaper? No? Why not? Many people still place ads in newspapers to find love. That seems old fashioned but I think this is just lovely and kind of romantic. Especially the generation that didn‘t grew up with this kind of technology, have difficulties to adjust to the new media. You can use this to your advantage and buy a newspaper (Most of the Newspapers can be delivered straight to your address) to meet interesting and more serious and mature people or put an add for yourself. The effort to create an ad in a newspaper is much higher and it costs money. With that being said, you can be sure, that the person is looking for something serious and not just a hook up.

Distance can’t keep you apart.💕

3. Search for Forums

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There are forums and websites for EVERY interest. This time is perfect to find some people with the same interests. Because you have more time now, you are able to get to know the other person much quicker. The benefit of online forums is, that you won’t be labeled or judged from the fellow members, because everybody has similar interests. It can be a safe space. But I suggest, that you don’t sign up to a forum only with the intention to find a nice lady or men. It can come off as rude, needy and desperate. More so, it can be a slowly transitioning into a nice encounter.

I tried an app that was created for local women in my city and I am currently chatting to a very nice lady who has a lot of the same interests as me. I am super excited to meet her, after the whole social distancing rules. It is not that easy to make new friends or find a good partner, but the worldwideweb is full of people who wants to take the next step.

My Youtube Video for this topic is online. Watch with english subtitles 😊

I use this webcam for good video chats: 🎥

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Many blessings and love,


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