How to learn to forgive

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Forgiving people who did you wrong is never easy. But it is one of the most important things you can do in your life, because people will hurt you eventually and therefor it is important for you to find ways to forgive them.

Today I want to talk with you about forgiveness, because it helped me so much to get over alot of hurt.



Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them so much



Face Reality

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I will start with one of the most important things you can do. Be aware that people will continue to hurt you. You will experience hurt and you will probably think about revenge. But the truth is, that it will do more harm to you than good, if you continue walking around bitter and unhappy. The only person who will be unhappy is You. Not the other person. A better way of living is to deal with toxic and mean person.s



Forgive yourself

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In order to forgive others, you must forgive yourself. Nobody is perfect and you probably hurt many people in your life. Maybe not intentionally but you did. If you felt sorry and apologized, you can give the other person a better chance to start the healing process. Shame and guilt can be very present and dominant, but it is important to overcome them by facing your own impeccability. Until this day, I feel terrible for what I did to a good friend when I was a teenager. Nothing dramatic, but still kind of mean. I apologized to feel free again.




Acknowledge your pain

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Because of shame, we sometimes don’t allow ourselves to feel anger and sadness, but the truth is that they are normal and healthy emotions. It tells us that something went wrong, and that we should maybe defend ourselves. Be aware that it is okay to be angry. Let it out. Even if you feel ashamed for being so mad about something, it alway has a reason why you feel that way. Ask yourself questions to understand you better.

The first step to forgiveness is the acknowledgement of your emotion. 




Keep it real with the other person

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Many people keep their anger to themselves. The problem with that is, that the other person has no freaking idea that you are even mad at him. I needed to learn that alot in the past. Even when I was super sure that the other person knew exactly why I was mad, I very often heared that he/she had no clue that I was mad.

I learned slowly but surely that it is important for me and for the other person to open my mouth and say what is on my mind.

Maybe the other person won’t agree with you or wont even apologize- but at least your true feeling are out.

I hope this helped you for your personal journey of forgiveness. I know, it is never easy to forgive. But with alot of training you will learn it.

But for your own sake. Work on it and move on.



What are your experience with forgiveness?

Do you have some tips to share?




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Many blessings,



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