My YOUTUBE Channel!

Hey Guys, hope you are all well.

I just want to announce that I am now on YOUTUBE! I am very happy and excited about that. I love creating written content. And I am very happy that I have some very amazing readers which are interacting with me.

But I always missed something…when I write, you can´t really see my bubbly personality, and how much I like to talk to a camera. But because of fear, I never pursuit my dream of creating video content for a big audience.

 Fear should NOT hold you back from blessings!




I am speeking german on my channel, because I want to talk as fluent and open as possible. I can do that best with my native language. But you have the possibility to press the translate button in the video. (If not, let me know, and I will translate every video for you by myself!)

I will continue to post here on wordpress, but maybe it wont be as frequently as before…


Please support me and subscribe to my channel 🙂






Much love and stay blessed,


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