How I prepare myself for a new semester

Hey guys,

you probably know that I am currently studying. It is so exciting to start the new semester, because I am finishing everything soon,with the grace of god next year.


To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe

– Myarilyn vos Savant

Everytime a new semester begins, I illuminate aspects of my life where I can improve to make sure that my concentration and motivation is at it’s highest.

Today, I want to show you how I do that.



1. Clean my apartment

apartment bed bedroom chair
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One week prior to the semester, I start bringing things in order and clean my apartment. Organizing is here the keyword. There is nothing better, than a nice clean space. You feel better and can focus more on important things. What I like aswell, is to reposition furniture. You don’t have to move the whole bed or the huge closet, but little things like a small table or drawer can make a signifcant difference for the vibe of your place. Finally, I finish everything with a fresh set of flowers, et voila! Happy place.



2. Be familiar with the curriculum

architecture building campus college
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I want to be as prepared as possible. That means that I look up when exactly school starts and what kind of classes I have. I make sure to download every script, so I can have a look at it and can see what is coming up for me. I noticed in previous semesters, that additional books can make the undersanding much easier. Many books are listed in the script, but it is a good tip to talk to the teachers as well and ask for recommendations.


3. Go grocery shopping

almonds pistachios cashews dried nuts
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Because I know that the first weeks will be very stressful for me (school AND work), I went groceries shopping and bought everything I would like to eat for the next 7-10 days. Intentionally, I stayed home and took the time to write down what dishes I want to cook and eat. It made alot of fun preparing and cooking. You have to try my specialty Lasagna!




4. Highlight important dates

personal organizer and pink flowers on desk
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When you already know what kind of important courses, dates for exams or birthday and weddings are coming, preperation is much easier and faster. I took the time to plan roughly the next months, until the end of the year. For example: My exams are at the beginning in January- that means that I start learning intensively in November/December. This also means that I dont have so much time to prepare for christmas season with all the decoration, gifts e.g. I marked specific weeks in my calendar, where I go shopping for birthday and christmas gifts. Hopefully I keep my plan.


5. Enjoy the weekend before

woman smiling and eating outside the pop porium shop
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This is my favourite part! At this weekend, I ate my favourite food, stayed on saturday the whole day in my pijamas, red two books and watched a movie. I feel relaxed and ready for the next three months. Of course, a relaxed weekend can look totally different for you. Some people cant stay at home for too long. Some people need company to enjoy the time. Do whatever you feel like, but always keep in mind that it should be fun and be positive.

Bring it on!



How do you prepare yourself for a semester or work? Dont forget to share, like and comment!

Love, love and more love


7 Gedanken zu „How I prepare myself for a new semester

  1. I highlight important dates, layout my schedule for the semester in my agenda, phone and home calendars. This semester, I bought a candle to keep me calm when I’m studying and when reading a book leisurely. Also I love the photos you used.

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