One week in Zadar (Croatia)

I spend one week with my good friend in Zadar, Croatia.

I have never been to croatia, so I was curious how my experience would be like with culture, people and food.

Country: Croatia

Capital: Zagreb

Currency: Kuna (some shops take the Euro)

Population: 4,1 Million


Did you know?

Interesting is that you rarely find hotels in Zadar. Most of the tourist accommodations are apartments. I found a nice apartment on „“. The host, emeida was so lovely and welcoming. I heared from other people that this type of accommodations are popular and more familiar for other people. I found the same. They did more for me than necessary. I aleady miss her ☺️



Church SV Donat in the city of Zadar


The Roman Empire ruled in croaria during the 12th and 13th century. I paid attention in Split. For a second I was convinced to be in Venice,Italy! The narrowed streets, little cafes and shops. The roman heritage is still everywhere.

It was even to hot for the cat. I am not a cat person but this one was cute.
Calm street in Zadar, near Beach

We had several stone beaches near our apartment. They were crowded in the afternoon. But we were smart (😂) and went already after breakfast and could occupy good spots.

Street Art and Merchandise in the „Old town“

The Old town of Zadar is the heart of the city. You will find alot of restaurants,bars, people from all over the world, most of the sightseeing aswell. We ate delicious gelato and had dinner there.

A insider tip is the restaurant:


But have a reservation, seats are often not available.

 What I really enjoyed in Zadar and croatia in generall were the big sizes of meals! Almost everytime I had to take the food home and store it in the fridge. I wished we had this big portions in Germany.

I was a little bit shocked to see that the prices adjusted to German standard, although the income is triple as high as in Croatia.




Have you been to Croatia before?

If yes, where?



See you next week.