How to pack lighter + faster!

Time to travel again!
I am now in Zadar, Croatia for my first time. I am really excited because I heared beautiful things in Croatia and I will travel with a good friend of mine.

When I talked to her on the phone, she said: „How can I pack 10kg for 5 long days? That is nearly impossible!“ I was thinking the same 2 years ago, but since then I mastered packing all the things I needed and still had cute outfits, even if I only had 10kg for 2 weeks. (Don’t forget my semester abroad 4 month= 30kg!😎)

Today I want to give you some suitcase tips in order to pack more lightweighted! Enjoy!




1. Pack enough basics

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I love fashion and if I could, I would always bring with me half of my wardrobe, but because I have only limited space, I figured out that you can combine outfits with a few basics. When you have T-Shirts in black, white, grey, you are good to go. The neutral colours will fit with every colourful item.




2. Small hygiene articles

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I like wearing parfum, but I don’t like to bring big glass bottles with me. They are heavy and take alot of space. Instead, I fill them into small parfum vaporizer. So practical! I bought them in my drugstore and they costed only 2€.




3. Max 3 pair of shoes

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I remeber last year, when I was in Paris. For my birthday weekend I packed 5 pair of shoes. 5!! Ridicilous. 🙄 I ended up walking in one because the other ones were very uncomfortable anyway but I wanted to have so cute pictures with them👀

Now, I have my max 3 Rule. When I travel somewhere very warm, I pack one pair of Flip Flops. They are so useful because they can be used as your houseshoes and you can use them when you go to the beach and on the beach. They are light and easy to clean. Other kind of shoes are comfortable trainers, which I wear on travel day and I recommend having nice shoes for visiting nice restaurants or places.



4. Socks for extra padding

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Old socks can be used to protect delicate things like glass, sunglass, your phone- you name it. Just put it inside of the sock and if you think it is not secure enough, put it in the second pair of sock for extra security.

5. Where to put jewellery?

I don’t really like the tips you find on the internet like putting earrings in a button or your necklace in a straw. I like everything very practical and put things in a tiny bag. Anyway, I would’t bring a tonne of jewellries with you because of safety reasons.


With little tricks, you can pack your luggage much quicker and easier.

What are your favourite packing hacks?

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Much love and blessings,


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