Useful declutter advice

Today, I want to give some useful tips for decluttering any room. Selfcare has so many different facets, and one of them is organization and creating space. It gives you a another feeling. You created freedom for your brain.

I was never a messy person. I always needed clear space in order to feel comfortable. When someone would now visit my bedroom, the person will find a cozy  and clean space. I just can´t stand something laying on the floor.😵

There a several benefits for a decluttered room:

  • You find your stuff easily
  • It can increase your concentration
  • Your sleep will be better because of the subconsciousness
  • People feel more comfortable visiting you 😎




Buy one, get rid of one

assorted clothes
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To declutter begins even before starting in your own house! I made a good rule that everytime I want to buy something new, I have to get rid of an Item I don´t longer want or need. Automatically you have always the same amount of clothes. And buy the time, you have more clothes of better quality and things you actually like.

Sleep a night to think about it

photo of a woman hugging a blue pillow
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This goes with the other tip. Before you want to buy something new, try to sleep at least one night about it. Most of the time you will notice that you don´t really need or want it anymore. This tip is crutial when there is alot of sales going on. Our brain experience a rush of dopamin, and it is normal that we crave to buy preferabely everything we see. But when the rush is over( when we are back home and slept about it) , we know what we really want and what not.


store seasonal clothes

two blue metal storage boxes
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Especially winter clothes take alot of precious space in your closet. When you have a small room, it is even more important to use the space as practical as possible. There are alot of creative possibilities to store clothes. I prefer big boxes, that I can easily push under my bed. The clothes will stay free of dust and wrinkles.


sell, sonate, giveaway

white and black floral cap sleeved shirt
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Firstly, I would try to sell my clothes. Problem is, that in times of fast fashion, people are not willing to buy used clothes, if they can buy another new thing for half of the price in store. You should not be mad about that, Instead, go and donate your clothes to the curch or your local association. There are always people in need who are happy to have something to wear.



Under one year rule

bike chain number one
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Probably you heared of this very practical tip. Everything you haven´t worn in one year ,you have to get rid of! If you could not even wear something during this year, you really dont need it. The funny thing is, that we know exactly that we are not going to wear it, but everything we own has a history and we feel uncomfortable to put things away. Sometimes it is better to remove clutter, to make space for new and fresh thoughts.






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