How social media is ruining our lives

I have to admit, that the title of todays blog post seems harsh but it is kind of true.

There are still days, where I find myself scrolling hours, after hours through Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat. But thankfully I can handle this Desease better and better. Today I want to share with you how I better managed my social media addiction.

Climbing on trees and playing with dirt

little boy playing in the sand
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I am happy that I was born in the early ninetees because I still can remember what it feels like to climb on trees and feel the green grass on my skin, after falling down because I was chasing my friends while playing hide and seek. I remember running, jumping all day long until my mother opened the window and called me and my brother up for dinner.How beautiful.

Technology arrived

abstract art blur bright
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Everything changed with MSN and Facebook. Because I was not allowed to have a computer at home, I would secretly go to internet cafes and registered everywhere, so I could keep up with my classmates. I was so proud that I had over 800 so called „friends“ on Facebook. I saw what they had eaten, where they were going and I was up to date to the latest gossip of others. I noticed even than, how my attention span decreased alot because I was constantly checking for new messages, news e.g.

Fast forward to 2019.

woman working girl sitting
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It is really hard for me to concentrate more than 15 minutes in a row. Reading a book (one of my favourite things to do) can sometimes become a real nightmare. I can´t stop thinking about my abilities to concentrate before and now. Sure, now I am 26 and I have other grown women things to worry about. Studying, family, work, just life in general is more stressful than before. But social media can contribute to the feeling of stress.


     Boyfriend is annoyed

photo of person holding iphone
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The worst part about my social media behaviour is the fact that I use it too much when I am on holidays (Every other month. God, I am grateful) But I am wondering: Shouldn´t I just concentrate on the moment and embrace the beauty of the here and now? Is it so important to take great pictures for the gram, only because showing people that you are here and they are not?

Well, sometimes it is, haha but it is the amount of time I put there, that is worrying me.

You already know that talking about selfcare and countries and cultures are one of my favourite things to do. So, it was kinda hypocritical to notice my lack of presence and my decrease of concentration, without doing something about it. I figured out that the following three things helped me the most:


  • Switch your phone off!
  • Read!
  • Write things down!


(I suggest to read my article about concentration)


There is space to improve the relationship with social media. One day at a time. I can do this.



How is your relationship with social media?

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6 Gedanken zu „How social media is ruining our lives

  1. Hey there, thank you so much. At first, it wasnt easy at all to post so honest things about my thoughts but I rememberred what I like to read, watch and that is the naked opinion from others lol. Good for you that you are not a slave of social media! It is not easy at all. Have a great weekend aswell 🙂


  2. Jenny, I am particularly impressed by your boldness in sharing what I’d consider to be an intimate weakness. I guess for the sake of positively influencing others it is a very noble act.

    Fortunately, I am not moved by social media. I got into it late last year strictly for promoting my blog site and nothing more. Its got a way of keeping someone oblivious to reality.

    Like you said ‚one day at a time‘ and you will definitely make it. Enjoy the best of a wonderful weekend.


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