Exploring Budapest in 2 days!

The capital of Hungary is a nice alternative to all the other touristic city. My friend Kiki and I were very positively surprised to see all the incredible monuments and buildings of Budapest. The city is called the`Paris of Eastern Europe` for a reason.


  • 1,7 mio Inhabitants
  • Capital of hungary
  • Currency: Hungarian Forint
  • Airport: Liszt Ferenc

In this article I want to share with you my favourite spots in Budapest.



Hungarian Food


The food was so amazing. The hungarian cuisine is famous for using alot of pepper and goulash. I ordered a simple dish that consisted of rice and beef. It really soft and delicious, If you are looking for a traditional Hungarian restaurant I recommend the restaurant „Red Pepper“.

We walked alot through the city because you could visit alot of sightseeings just by walking. This is the Pariaments building. This amazing Gothic Revival style building was built until 1904 and has the seat of the national assembly of Hungary.


After that we visited the impressive Mathias Church.

Where my foodlovers at? If you are in Budapest you can not miss the giant food hall market that is located at the ninth district. You can find anything there from souvenirs like mugs, key chains and magnets to meat and kitchen Utility.



Me, standing on the Széchenyi Chain Bridge

The Bridge connects the two parts Buda and Pest, the western and eastern side of Budapest. It opened 1849 and was build and designed by scottish and english men.

The way is narrowed, so it was hard to take pictures. Be careful that your phone or you don´t fall in the water!


We took the opportunity to take a ride with this little cabin towards the top. From there, you had an amazing vue to all over Budapest.

Mathias Church in Budapest
Mathias Church in Budapest, Hungary


Nightlife in Budapest

In the evening the city glowed in a beautiful light full of people. There are many hip restaurants with cuisine from all over the world. We decided to eat Japanese Food and it was very delicious.

I felt safe in the evening. But of course, you should always take good care of your belongings.






Have you been to Hungary before? What was the best thing about it for you?

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Stay blessed,


4 Gedanken zu „Exploring Budapest in 2 days!

  1. Hey there, I would recommend to be there at least 4 days. It was really nice and there is a big variety of clubs, food, attractions! 🙂


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