Why you should not get back with your ex

He: You will never find someone like me again!

Me: I hope so! 🤗


Selfcare is a brought topic and I want to dive deeper into Self worth and relationships, because I saw many people in my environment who decided to stay in a dysfunctional relationship. Sure, there are plenty of reasons why women or men choose to be in a relationship with someone that is obviously unhealthy for them but very often it is just not worth it.

Today I want to give you reasons why you should NOT get back with your ex.🙅🏾‍♀️



Don’t forget the reason why you broke up

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When I see people going back to the man/women who beat, lied and cheated on them, it breaks my heart, because they aren’t able to see how much more they actually deserve. Many tend to forget why they broke up but it is important to keep always in mind why you decided to part ways. Forgiving is always important and everyday I pray to god that he gives me a gentle heart to forgive my enemies and the people who did me wrong. But I never forget what someone did to me… 🥺 That means, even if the person is saying that he changes, I am cautious and keep a proper distance. It is all about self-protection.



You will stagnate

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The problem with the old partner is, that he/she wont necessarily show you new things and skills. If the ex never liked travelling it is most likely that he/she still dont like travelling but for you (Clearly for me 😀) it is one of the best things about life. You will miss the opportunity with a new partner who could show you directions you would never went before. When you take your ex partner back, you will block chances for yourself.



You can`t go back in time

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Even if you had the most beautiful and romantic relationship in the past, you aren’t able to go back in time and do everything exactly the same way. It can be super dangerous to live in a illusion from the past. Remember that everything happened for a reason. Just try to be grateful for the good parts and think about the future. I am sure that you have grown and developed and the possibility is big that he or she won`t be even a good match for you now. People do change and it is a normal process of life.



He/She can do it again

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When he/she cheated, there is a big possibility that he/she will do it again. The tolerance level is much lower when the person did something bad once. I think bearing this in mind is super important because it can prevent a lot of heartbreak, tears and headaches. Of course people can change. A serial cheater can turn into the prudeshed person in the world, if she/he think it is worth it. But from the perspective of the person who wants to take the beating and lying partner back- I would not take the risk.





To sum it up, it always depends if it is worth it to go back to your ex partner. Some women told me that she met her exboyfriend 15 years later and they fell in love again, married and had children. That was clearly a wonderful happy end for her but most of the time it is not the best Idea to go back because what happened in the past can`t be removed or forgotten. Instead of investing so much time conquering him/her back, you should focus on your personal goals and achievements. There is no better “revenge” then level up!👏🏾





Do you wanted to take back your ex? If yes, Why?


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Blessings and see you next monday.♥️


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