How to develop Confidence

Confidence is such a thing that everybody wants, but not everybody have it. I did not have it when I was a little girl. Today, it is the completely opposite! Because of constantly challenging myself, I developed a great portion of confidence through the years. There are days when I want to burry my head in the sand but this is totally normal. We are all human.

Let me give you a couple tips in how you can fake confidence, until you actually be confident!



  1. Accept compliments


For some reason it is hard for people to accept compliments. It doesn`t show you in a great light if you constanlty reject them or brush them of. Try to be friendly and accept them. It is not about showing off or be cocky. It is okay to feel good about yourself.


2. Talk to the mirror

It helps! When I feel really vulnerable, I go to my big mirror and stand in front of it and start to list everything I do like about myself and every major thing I accomplished in my life.

It feels and looks maybe akward, but at the end of the day, you will have a long list with adjectives and experiences about yourself, which will remind you that you are a good and competent person. We tend to forget many things. Reminding you from time to time, will help.



    3. Learn from succesful people

I love watching and listening to success stories. They motivate me in a special way, because I can relate to it. Almost everybody struggled once with lack of confidence and in themselves. But what distingueshes these billonairs and entrepreneurs from others, is the fact that they overcame their fears and shyness in believing in themselves and doing things there were scared of. They never stopped educating and challenging themselves.



          4. Do something where you are good at

This is helpful, because if you repeat doing things you are good with, it will consolidate your confidence in it. If you are a good painter or football player embrace your talent and do this as often as possible. Everytime you do it, it gives you a great feeling and boost your selfesteem. Don`t stop working on yourself! Try new things but dont forget your skills that you already have.



  5. Do things you are scared of

This is my favourite, because I learend the most in life from hard experiences. They were often things I never wanted to do or planned to do in many years. For some reason I often ended doing these things and I was scared, wanted to give up and felt alone. But when I actually finished it, I became much stronger than before.




In a world full of people who seem to have it all, and where people celebrate only the best parts of life on social media (me included🤗), it became easy to think that everybody- except you- have there shit together, but the truth is, that most people pretend to be somebody that they are not.


Do you consider yourself confident?

Let me know in the comment section!




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Stay blessed,



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