How living with my boyfriend abroad changed me

The semester is almost over and i am starting to summarise my experiences here in Ireland.The time here is really memorible and it is more fascinating sharing it with the significant other.

In this article i share with you the 3 most important things i learned living abroad with my boyfriend!

1.) You will get to know him alot

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Its funny- when he was visiting me at my home and my sister tried to embarrase me when she was telling him all the weired and nasty stuff i did when i was a child (and as an adult 😀 ). Not knowing that he already knows almost every weired habit of me. He just looked at her- totally unbothered and replied “ Yeah, i already knew that.“

The look at her face! Priceless😂

That being sad, I know almost every thing he likes, dislikes, what makes him upset or very happy. You will know your partner sometimes better than himself/herself.



2.) You will need time for yourself

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As much as i love spending time with him, i sometimes feel the urge to be alone. Doing activities alone. Eat alone. Shower alone. Okay too much information 😀 But jokes aside, as long as i can remember i felt more comfortable when i am alone. It was not always easy for me to say no and to take valuable time for myself. When we first talked about personal space and my need for more alone time, he felt offended and could not really understand me but only because he is the total opposite of me. But now we know each other good enough to respect and understand the individual needs.


  Be comfortable in doing things that are good for you. 

3.) I am never alone again

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Kiss me!

The most important thing i learned about living with him, is that we got each others back! There were times when i was really sad and miserable and he just gave me his full support and love. Everything i just needed. The same for him. It is incredible how strong your relationship will became if you spend alot of time together and experience different things.

That is the beauty of being in a committed relationship. What makes it so exciting is the fact that he is not only my boyfriend. He is my bestfriend. Find somebody that you want to be friends with in the first place and then your partner.

He wanted to move in with me quite early in the relationship. I was not ready for it.

But after living with him for 4 month „on probation“ i am now.




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Much love,



3 Gedanken zu „How living with my boyfriend abroad changed me

  1. It’s sounds a really great challenge! I need as well more time for my self, but my boyfriend puts pressure on me, I will give him the advice to read your blog as well, it’s really helpful 😊

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