Daytrip to Belfast!

Today i visited the capital of Norhtern Ireland: BELFAST! I was looking forward to do this trip because we held alot of presentations in class about the history between the Unionists and Nationalists.

Before you come to Belfast you should know these things:

  • Belfast has 340,000 Inhabitants
  • You need British Pound as a currency, because Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom
  • 2 hour bus drive from Dublin City Centre
  • Caps are affordable and safe

St. Georges Market

St. Georges Market in Belfast
St. Georges market in Belfast

I love indoor markets! The St.Georges Market is one of the oldest attractions in Belfast.

It is opened every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You will find a variety of delicious food like Indian Cuisine, Pulled Pork Burger,Crêpes, and so much more! If you want to buy some things as a gift, you will find it there. I bought my mum some loose black tea from Irish fields.

A couple of stands offer the possibility to pay with Debit or Credit card so you don`t neee to have alot of cash. Besides of fresh and enjoyable food there is alot of live music from local Irish musician. Watch the little video above 🙂

Titanic Museum

Me chilling in front of the Titanic Museum

Who hasn`t watched Academy Award winning movie TITANIC? It was one of the first movies i rememberred watching with my mum and brother. Of course i had to visit the Titanic Museum which costed over 101 million Pounds in building and opened 2012. The ticket weren`t the cheapest with converted 21 Euro but it was worth it! On 12,000 square meters they made a great effort to showcase the legacy of the ship building industry in Belfast.


Murals of Belfast

The North and the rest of Ireland had a terrible history with alot of violence and war. There are murals all over the city. The most famous one is the mural from Robert George „Bobby“ Sands. He joined the Irish Republican Army in 1972 and was convicted to five years prison because of the posession of  four fire arms. He died because of hunger striking.

Mural of Bobby Sands
Mural of Nelson Mandela


Belfast Castle

The catstle is located in the cave hill area and was build in the 12th century by the Normans. It was incredibly beautiful because the weather was good aswell and the sun shined on the flowers and grass.

You can relax in the garden next to the castle.

Peace Wall

It is sad that there had to be walls to prevent people murdering each other. Of course i took the opportunity to write something on the wall. No war, only Peace!

The Department of Justice decided to remove all walls until 2023 to undermine the importance of a united coomunity.

Crown Liquor Saloon

The crown bar is one of the most popular bars in Belfast. I dont drink alcohol but that doesn`t stop me from exploring new bars and restaurants! 😛 Because i was very hungry arriving there, i asked if they offered anything to eat and surprisingly the waitress pointed out that i should go upstairs- and there it was- a nice little restaurant with all kinds of food offering to an average price.

Oh yeah, and did i mentioned that this famous bar is super old? It opened 1826. Obviously, people back in the days enjoyed liquor like we today…

Belfast City Hall


Unfortunately, there was no time left to enter Belfast city hall but i heared that is worth it going inside. The building is in the city centre in Donegall Square and the City Council of Belfast operates from there.

Big Fish

Shall i kiss the fish or not?

The big fish is located next to the Nuala with the Hula Statue. There is a rumor , if you kiss the fish you will become more intelligent. I did not kiss the fish (no need for that loool)

Beacon of Hope „Nuala with the Hula“ Statue


This is the second largest public art sculpture with a height of 19.5 meters. She is placed on a globe that shall symbolize universal peace, harmony and thanksgiving to all the cities in the world- but especially Belfast.




I really enjoyed the trip and i would recommend to visit Belfast when you decide to do a Ireland roundtrip.

Have you been here before? Which Irish City do you want to visit?

Let me know in the comment section and do not forget to follow, like and share my blogpost if you liked it!

God bless,



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  1. Hey Jenny, thats an informative blogpost ans you Write beautiful ans interesting things about Belfast. Thank you and keep going with your Blog 🙂

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