How to concentrate better in studies

To be highly concentrated and focused is very important for alot of things. I am a registered Nurse and now an economy student in the fourth semester. When i am working with patience and beeing NOT concentrated could mean death or severe health damages. In studies, having a short concentration span means much more work, frustation and bad grades.  Scarrryyy!


You dont have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!- Zig Ziglar

Many people struggle with maintaining concentration, because we live in a very busy world and distractions are everywhere. In this article i want to help you to become more focused and enhance your concentration span.Enjoy!


Put your phone away!


In a world where smartphones replace almost everything, there is no wonder that we spend on average 5 hours in front of this little screen per day. Studies have shown that we check our smartphones every 12 minutes and that leed to a concentration downfall of 10%. If you start learning, it is not enough to switch the phone to vibration mode, silent or off. The best thing you can do is to put your phone in a drawer far away from your study room.

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Even if you want to check an e-mail or something, it takes more effort to reach your phone and eventually you just keep studying.

Sleep, sleep,sleep!


Oh boy! Me and my sleep…very weired relationship. When i was a teenager i could sleep until early in the afternoon. I slept tight and good. But now, because i am an adult lol and i have to pay bills, and just manage to survive LIFE, i see a change in my sleeping habit. Well, if i dont sleep good, my concentration will be just shit and i can call it quits. Thats why enough and good sleep is so important for yourself. Meditation helps. (I have a blog post about it :)) Our body needs the time to regenerate and to process all the things that happened during the day. If you dont give your body enough time to rest,

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it can develop sincere health deficits. Try to sleep at least between 6 – 8 hours a night.


Make a learning plan


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I tried this method in my last exams period and at first it didn`t worked so good as i hoped too. It was hard for me to stick to the schedule i planed. Instead of learning for the subject i was planning, i learned just randomely  because i was feeling like it. This pattern led to a shortage of time for the other exams. I really suggest that you plan very precisly what you are going to learn each day of the week. For example:

Monday: 2-3 pm Corporate Social Responsibility

Thursday: 9-12 am Management and Organisations

Saturday: 4-6 pm Social Aspects of Ireland


Create a comfortable working space


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This one is one of my favourites! I am a tidy person and i cant stand it if i have clutter around. I  get easily distracted and super nervous if too many things are going on. My room is predominately white (but i do want to spice it up a little bit) because it calms my nerves. Find your place where you feel most comfortable. For some it is in the kitchen, garden or even in your bed.


Learn with others


For some people it is easier to learn with other people. Indeed, it has alot of good points. You exchange information and you can ask questions that you didn`t understood. Besides, if you explain something to your fellow students, you will remember it much better as if you learn it quietly by your own. You will avoid to play with your phone in order to dont disturb the others. Try it!

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What do you have for tips and tricks for better concentration? What is distracting you the most? Let me know in the comments.






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