4 places you should visit in Scotland

When you think about Scotland, what comes in your mind? Whiskey, Loch Ness, cute sheeps? I had mid term break and my boyfriend and i decided to visit another country instead of travelling back to Germany.  We decided us for Scotland!

  • The currency of Scotland is the British pound because Scotland is part of the United Kingdom.
  • The cars drive on the left side…i know really confusing as a german but you get used to it.
  • Bring your umbrella with you. It will probably rain alot! It almost rained for the whole 8 days.
  • Buy a transportation card for the week = 23 pounds , to take the busses, subways, and tram station.


1.Daytrip to Glasgow


With over 500,000 people, Glasgow is the most populous city in Scotland. Like in Dublin and Edinburgh i thought the people are really nice. Because we only had 1 day to see as much as possible, we made a priority list. I would really recommend doing this beforehand when you travel with friends, family or boyfriend/girlfriend. You will avoid fights when it comes to choosing the next destination.

My boyfriend is a huge football fan and wanted to see the stadium where the Glasgow Rangers are training. Thats why we couldnt miss the opportunity to visit Scotlands third largest Stadium- the Ibrox Stadium. It has a capacity of over 50,000 people. We took the subway back into the city and went shopping. The subway is way smaller than the subways i am used to. But it was kinda comfy.

Next, we went to the Riverside Museum. It was really special and the entry is free. It has a big collection of the Transport of Scotland. The museum won the European Museum of the year award in 2013.

If you are looking for nice restaurants and fancy clothes you should spend time in the city center with the Streets W. Nile Street and W George Street.


2.Edinburgh Zoo

I will begin with the Edinburgh Zoo because i love animals 🙂 Edinburgh Zoo is not far away from the city center. You can take busses from Princess Street to the station Edinburgh Zoo. I would recommend to go there in the early afternoon and during the week, so you can avoid too crowded places there. It has a variety of animals like Pandas (yes, they have freaking PANDAS! ) Lions, Hippos and meerkats.

Koala Bear
He was moving really slow it was too funny to watch 🙂
The Hippos were yawning alot. I think they were just really bored and tired.
The Tiger was sleeping alot. Isn`t she beautiful? ❤


3.Loch Ness

How can you visit Scotland without trying to have a look at the most famous see monster Nessi?! It is really hard to go to Loch Ness without a car. That`s why we decided to try a bus company that has experience transporting people there. We departed at 8 am and came back at 8 pm. I paid 50 pound but could get a discount if i asked before that-my bad..

The weather was „interesting“, a Scottish desription for shitty weather. But i was already used to it from Hamburg AND Dublin.



We travelled along the Highlands. The Tourguide told us that the area were filming scenaries for James Bond Skyfall and Harry Potter Movies. Impressive!

Loch Ness
There are over 31,000 fresh water lochs in Scotland! The `Loch Lomond´and `Loch Ness` are the most famous ones.



And after 6 hours we finally reached Loch Ness! To be honest i expected something more spectecular, i dont know really why. Perhaps i was really waiting to see Nessi the sea monster. Lol. It had a advantage that we picked one of the coldest days in Edinburgh-there werent many people, therefore you could embrace the calmness of the surrounding.


4.Dublin Castle


Big.Bigger. Dublin castle. This monument stands at the head of the Old Town. It is near by many tourist attractions like the Whisky Experience, the Elephant Cafe, where J.K Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books and the Camera Obscura Art Gallery.


I went there when the sun went down, to have a beautiful view from the top. Sadly, i couldnt get in because there were a private ceremony at that time.


Would i recommend Scotland?

The simple answer is YES! The landscape is breathtaking, the people are friendly and helpful, there are alot of nice restaurants for every taste. Scotland has a great nature and it seems that people take good care of it. It has the perfect mix of History with all of the big castles and monuments and brand new buildings and technology.



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Much love,




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