My 10 best Travel hacks

Travelling is one of the best things in my life. Although my love for travel is growing year after year it can become very stressful and expensive. I noticed that there are different Opportunities to save alot of money and nerves, therefore I will share with you my 10 best travel hacks! 

 Don´t listen to what they say-go see!

1) Bring a Glass Bottle with you.

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You arent allowed to bring water to the check-in, but you are allowed to bring a glass bottle. After the security, go and fill up the glass bottle with fresh water. Alot of airports have places were you can fill up your drink free of charge. Try to avoid plasctic bottle- for the sake of our planet!


2) Take a picture with you and your luggage and mark it as fragile.

Many luggages do look the same. Black, grey,dark blue.

Worst case scenario, you loose your luggage and you shall describe it to the staff members at the airport. Isn´t it good that you have a perfect with it? Even better a selfie with your luagge, so it is more believeable for them that it is yours. And employees of the luggage clearance will be more carefully with your stuff if it is marked as fragile.


3) Roll your clothes in your hand luggage for more space.

Please do not just throw your clothes in the luggage, instead roll it really tight. You will see, there is more space and your clothes will have less wrinkles.


4) Buy a portable phone charger.

In times where smartphones replace computer, alarm, Calender u.g you dont want to run out of battery.

battery black cable charger
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I suggest to buy a portable charger at least with 10.000 mAh for that extra juice. 


5) Download movies/tv/music shows from streaming sites.

Provider like Netflix and Amazon Prime do have alot of different shows, movies and podcasts for every taste. 

app entertainment ipad mockup
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Download all the movies you want to see with a stable wifi connection. The time will fly so fast!


6) E-Mail yourself your passport, ID Card.

Safety first! Scan your passport, iD Card, Health insurance card and Vaccination Certificate and E-mail it to yourself and a close friend. In case of loosing it, you can easily print it out or show it to authorities.


7) Take snacks with you.

You really don´t want to get hangry! (Hungry and Angry)

apple banana fruits health
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8) Use Google maps offline.

When you are living in Europe like me you can use your internet data in Spain there is no problem anymore since the government decided to dont use Roaming anymore. But when you are not in Europe you have a problem with internet. I suggest that you download a map of your city with google maps. 


9) Read with an E-Book.

If you are travelling you want to avoid every unnecessary weight in your luggage. As wonderful the feeling might be to hold a real book in his hands- try to swith to an much lighter E-Book.


10) Ask for a second meal at the plane.

man person people train
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It is likely that the airplane crew do have some meals left. If you ask very politely you might have the chance for a second meal.



I hope these tips will help you at your next vacation!

Do you have more ideas? Please comment, like and share my article if you liked it 🙂


Stay blessed,



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