How to find new friends when you are older

I visited a wedding from friends this weekend. It was so wonderful and full of love and joy and we all celebrated until sunset. There were a couple friendly and open women that I met and had long conversations with. After a while I thought: As older as I get, it becomes harder for to... Weiterlesen →


Useful declutter advice

Today, I want to give some useful tips for decluttering any room. Selfcare has so many different facets, and one of them is organization and creating space. It gives you a another feeling. You created freedom for your brain. I was never a messy person. I always needed clear space in order to feel comfortable.... Weiterlesen →

Why are you still single?

Are you sick and tired of people asking you why you are still single? Then This article is totally for you.

How social media is ruining our lives

I have to admit, that the title of todays blog post seems harsh but it is kind of true. There are still days, where I find myself scrolling hours, after hours through Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat. But thankfully I can handle this Desease better and better. Today I want to share with you how I better... Weiterlesen →

Exploring Budapest in 2 days!

The capital of Hungary is a nice alternative to all the other touristic city. My friend Kiki and I were very positively surprised to see all the incredible monuments and buildings of Budapest. The city is called the`Paris of Eastern Europe` for a reason.   1,7 mio Inhabitants Capital of hungary Currency: Hungarian Forint Airport:... Weiterlesen →

Madrid Travel Tips

The capital of spain is full of energy and openess. I always wanted to travel to madrid, not only because of the world famous soccer team but because of the rich spanish culture that had alot of beginnings in the 3.2 million inhabitants. Today I want to list some highlights of my Madrid trip and... Weiterlesen →

Why your past should NEVER define your future – Part 2

This is the second part of the series „Why your past should NEVER define your future“ Would you agree? What are things you went through?

Why your past should NEVER define your future – Part 1

Sometimes the future still hunts us. Don´t allow that!

Do this when you feel bad

Hey guy! These are some easy ways you feel better about yourself, after having a bad day.

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