How living with my boyfriend abroad changed me

The semester is almost over and i am starting to summarise my experiences here in Ireland.The time here is really memorible and it is more fascinating sharing it with the significant other. In this article i share with you the 3 most important things i learned living abroad with my boyfriend! 1.) You will get … Continue reading How living with my boyfriend abroad changed me

Daytrip to Belfast!

Today i visited the capital of Norhtern Ireland: BELFAST! I was looking forward to do this trip because we held alot of presentations in class about the history between the Unionists and Nationalists. Before you come to Belfast you should know these things: Belfast has 340,000 Inhabitants You need British Pound as a currency, because Northern … Continue reading Daytrip to Belfast!

What i learned living abroad

This semester abroad teached me alot of good and important things. Read in this article the most important ones!

4 signs of a toxic friendship

Who wants to know how to spot a frenemy or a fake friend? In this article I share my thoughts on this important topic because every single one of us deserves a good friend!

How to concentrate better in studies

Beep there, ring there, oh and you should cook something and do the laundry? I thought you want to learn for the exam next week? In this blog post i shared with you my favourite tips for better concentration.

4 places you should visit in Scotland

When you think about Scotland, what comes in your mind? Whiskey, Loch Ness, cute sheeps? I had mid term break and my boyfriend and i decided to visit another country instead of travelling back to Germany.  We decided us for Scotland! The currency of Scotland is the British pound because Scotland is part of the … Continue reading 4 places you should visit in Scotland

My 10 best Travel hacks

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